4 Strategies to Expand Your Brand on Pinterest

Many businesses overlook Pinterest because they think it is just for recipes and craft projects. The businesses that utilize Pinterest marketing tools are seeing huge conversion rates. Since Pinterest is not well-known as a business marketing tool, it is a good idea to get ahead of the competition and use the image-based website for your brand strategy.

Pinterest is amazing because users can digest a lot of content very quickly due to the focus on images. Users scroll through images quickly, pinning things that grab their attention. Having high quality and engaging images are important for successful branding on the website.

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A good example of a company using Pinterest to their advantage is David’s Bridal. They post photos of their gowns, along with real wedding photos from their customers and they supply photos of hot wedding décor trends. They are targeting the majority female audience on Pinterest that have dream wedding boards.

Pinterest is very successful for the businesses that do it right. They look at the audience on Pinterest and find their target consumers. Like David’s Bridal targeting the many women who have wedding boards. The numbers don’t lie about the success of Pinterest.

  • Nearly 70 percent of people who get on Pinterest find items they want to buy. Etsy is becoming very successful thanks to Pinterest.
  • There are 2.5 billion page views every month on Pinterest. It is hard for businesses to ignore this kind of traffic opportunity.
  • 70 percent of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by users. This makes it important to engage customers with your pins.

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Understanding how customers work on Pinterest can allow you to craft a brand marketing strategy that provides deeper engagement and conversion of new customers. There are four strategies you can use to gain awareness on Pinterest.

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  1. Use contests
    Pinterest is a perfect platform for a giveaway contest. Users can either pin a photo of an item to win it, or they can pin five of their favorite items on your Pinterest board in order to win a gift card or shopping spree.

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  2. Tell your story
    This does not mean post pictures of your weekend excursions. Leave that on Facebook. People like to know the company they are looking at. Make a board called Our Story and post pictures, such as the first dollar you ever made, with a link to your About Us page on the business website. You can also post a cool graphic that tells your mission, photos of philanthropic and volunteer work you have done, and items that tell the story about what your business stands for.

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  3. Spread knowledge
    Either make your own or find and share how-to tutorials, DIY projects, tips, and your personal expertise on matters that relate to your business. For example, David’s Bridal pins advice on invitations with a photo that links to the whole article about it. So, if you did this, post a high quality photo of beautiful invitations with the title of the article in the description (IE: “5 Things That Make Invitations More Effective”). Then have the photo link to the article.
  4. Sell part of your catalog
    While you should not put your whole catalog on Pinterest, you can post new items or customer favorites on Pinterest. Put what the item is in the description, along with all of the features or uses for the item. The description is where you get to place a miniature product review. Make sure to link to the webpage where customers can buy the product.

What are your feelings on Pinterest? Do you feel like it is an idle waste of time or a viable marketing strategy for highly visual businesses? Let me know in comments or on Twitter @HS_Writing!

8 thoughts on “4 Strategies to Expand Your Brand on Pinterest

  1. I love these ideas for using Pinterest! I think Pinterest can be an amazing tool for the right type of company. The demographics for Pinterest are overwhelmingly women in their 20s to 30s, so if you have anything to do with weddings, clothes, or kids, you are going to thrive on Pinterest. They make it so easy to link directly to your site, so you are almost guaranteed hits to your site if you post the right content. However, I see sports teams trying hard to gain a big following on Pinterest, and it’s so frustrating because they are out of their element. While it’s great to try out a ton of different social media sites, it’s important to recognize which ones will be beneficial and which ones aren’t reaching your audience.

    • I think that is part of why Pinterest is dismissed so easily, because people (like sports teams) try to market on that platform which is not right for them. It is so great for ultra visual businesses, like clothing, and non-profit organizations. Sometimes these businesses ignore Pinterest, however, because they think it is a hobby instead of a marketing strategy.

    • You can either install an app/extension/add-on on your browser to Pin things you see online. Or you can go to your Pinterest account and manually add a Pin. This can be done by entering the URL of the webpage with the picture and choosing from the thumbnails, or by uploading a picture from your computer. Does that help?

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